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Project Concept

The Jilaptoq Mi'kmaw Language Center involves the creation of digital, multimedia, and interactive Mi'kmaw educational support material. Initially the material is being designed for use with the Nova Scotia Department of Education’s Grade 7 Mi'kmaw Curriculum. However, the project website will ultimately be of use to all Mi’kmaw and Non-Mi’kmaw educators who are endeavoring to teach Mi’kmaw language and culture.

Jilaptoq is a Mi'kmaw verb which means "She/he is making or leaving footprints".

Jil- is a MI'KMAW ROOT meaning "mark".

ap- is a MI'KMAW MEDIAL meaning "look, see".

-t is a TI MI'KMAW VERB FINAL indicating that the verb has an animate subject and an inanimate object.

-oq is the INFLECTION indicating that the subject of the verb is third person singular present of a verb with an inanimate object (She/he ... it).

The project is unique in that it is a team effort involving many individuals and organizations within Mi’kmaki. Many of the individuals involved with the project are giving of their knowledge and time because of their love for the Mi’kmaw language. The project’s main goal is to build an interactive talking Mi’kmaw Dictionary, and to this end participants in Unama'ki (Cape Breton) have teamed up with the Mi’gmaq Online developers in Lustiguj. Our mandate also involves the development of various multimedia Mi’kmaw language-learning tools, which will be accessed on the web through this site. If you would like to be involved with the project e-mail us at